February/March 2018

Winter Haven hosts low impact development workshops on 2/20 and 21 and 3/6 and 7 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM at downtown library NEW!

29 August 2017

​Winter Haven receives education grant from FDEP to develop education materials for transitioning to vegetation-based stormwater management systems NEW!

9 July 2015

Winter Haven receives $400,000 in state funding to build more rain gardens

1 December 2014

Winter Haven reviews the CFWI groundwater and environmental impact studies

​23 October 2014

Winter Haven submits Peace Creek Hydrologic Restoration project summary to the CFWI

14 August 2014

Winter Haven receives technical assistance grant for community planning from the FDEO

27 June 2014

​​Winter Haven presents six recommendations to CFWI for "Getting the Water Right in Florida"

24 June 2014

​​Winter Haven receives outstanding achievement award for Sustainability Program

11 February 2014

Key leaders downplay possibility of big changes in water law this session

21 January 2014

Florida needs statewide water policy - The Ledger

5 December 2013

Water resource sustainability requires planning and action - Florida Trend

​​11 July 2013

CFWI determines Floridan aquifer at or near capacity - Orlando Sentinel

4 December 2013

​​​Sustainable Winter Haven website goes live

13 December 2010

Winter Haven City Commission adopts Sustainability Plan by Resolution 

From Gray to Green: Transitioning to Vegetation-Based Stormwater Management NEW!

​A community development guide for increasing the beneficial use of stormwater to restore lake water quality, enhance public water supply, reduce flooding, and protect natural resources.

​​Winter Haven, Florida: Building a Water-Centric Sustainable Community 

​Guidance and recommendations for implementing the City's land development requirements for water resource sustainability.

Sustainable Water Resource Management Plan

A plan for restoring and protecting the water resources of the Peace Creek watershed. The backbone of the plan is an
interconnected, hydrologic network of
lakes, canals, wetlands, aquifers, open
spaces, and parks, designed to meet
the long-term water resource needs
of the community.

Peace Creek Watershed Restoration Project Summary NEW!

​Regional stormwater infrastructure and hydrologic restoration project description prepared for the Central Florida Water Initiative

Getting the Water Right in Winter Haven, Florida

Financial, planning, and institutional mechanisms and guidance for implementing the Sustainability Plan

Restoration Targets for Sustainable Water Resources
A GIS-based tool for mapping ecosystem services in the Peace Creek watershed


The 50 lakes inside and adjacent to Winter Haven, Florida are a source of great pride to its residents, and an economic engine that has long attracted people to the area. The City's economy, its quality of life, and its current and future viability depend on preserving and sustaining the health of water resources, the most valuable of which are its lakes. Protecting these resources - getting the water right - is the goal of the Sustainable Winter Haven initiative. Read more.

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Water Stories

Mike Britt -Assistant Director, Public Utility Department, City of Winter Haven


From Gray to Green: transitioning to green infrastructure and low impact development to restore our lakes and protect our water supply NEW!

A public education and training summary of the Winter Haven Gray to Green development guide

Building a water-centric sustainable community

An introduction to planning for sustainable water resources

Sapphire Necklace hydrologic restoration project

Summary presentation to Central Florida Water Initiative on 27 August 2014

Six recommendations for getting the water right in Florida

​Presentation to the Central Florida Water Initiative on 27 June 2014


Low Impact Development: a design manual for urban areas

Guide for selecting and evaluating LID options for development projects in Winter Haven​

Rain Gardens: a manual for Central Florida residents

Instructions for building a rain garden

Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Guide to plant selection and landscape design​

Gray (Water)'s Anatomy

Tips for recycling gray water in your home